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Regular washing is the key to looking smart

To maintain the good looks of your powder coated aluminium windows, each window and door unit needs regular washing all over – not just the parts that are sheltered from the rain. A regular wash keeps your investment in smart condition.

Unless you are close to the seaside or are in a similar harsh environment, such as near an industrial area, washing down your windows every 3 months should be sufficient. Simply use a good quality, soft-bristled window washing brush as sold by general hardware stores. Some brushes have in-built detergent dispensers and connect directly to the garden tap. These brushes make it really easy to rinse off the detergent bubbles, which is a very important part of the care process.

If you choose to wash the windows by hand, simply use a dilute solution of mild pH-neutral liquid hand dishwashing detergent (available from your supermarket) and mixed in the same way you would wash your dishes. Be sure to rinse off the window with a gentle spray from the garden hose, and dry the glass to avoid any marks developing.

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