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Warm your home by reducing heat loss

Until recently most homes within New Zealand were fitted with traditional single pane windows. These windows easily transfer the warmth from inside your home to the outside environment which makes the heating of your home more costly and less efficient.

Unlike single pane windows, Double Glazing can effectively reduce this heat loss by isolating your interior warmth from the outside, making your windows more thermally efficient.

Why Retrofit your Windows with Double Glazing instead of replace?

It's easy to double glaze your existing aluminium windows to provide a more thermally efficient living space.

Retrofit Double Glazing is a cost-saving solution if your existing aluminium window joinery is suitable and in good condition.  Contact us for a no obligation appraisal and quotation Auckland wide, North Shore or Rodney.

How does it work?

We fit the Retrofit double glazing window units into your home's current windows. That double 'layer' of glass leaves a pocket of air sealed in between the window panes which provides the insulation properties.

Double glazing windows

Advantages of Double Glazing Windows

  • Reduced heat loss of up to 70%
  • Noise reduction - Different glass types can also reduce perceived noise levels by up to 50%.
  • Reduced condensation - You can noticeably reduce the amount of condensation on windows when used together with adequate ventilation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Available in a wide range of frame colours to suit your existing aluminium window joinery

Free no obligation assessment and quotation

Contact us for a no obligation appraisal and we'll happily advise if Retrofit Double Glazing your windows is the right option for you.

Retrofit Double Glazing Window Joinery Aluminium

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